The vision of the Refugees ministry (The ARK)

The Ark is to reach out to the people who have been enduring the effects of the war and persecution in the Middle East and to have them sheltered here in Canada to experience a new life in a safe community.

We felt that God has placed a call on us to serve him through the families who have had no hope abroad to come to Canada and experience the real fullness of life that God had intended for them. We are looking to sponsor more and more families; to have them settled into their new homes, and to give them access to various opportunities that will guide them along the way.

The New Beginnings Program TNBP

LInC mission provides an education, counselling and other support services for new Canadians. Helping the immigrants to integrate with their new life in Canada, LInC ministries designed different cross-cultural programs to support refugees in different communities in different provinces. It will be including language instruction, job search, activities, translation services and information programs on Canadian culture and life for their integration with the mainstream Canadian society. LInC mission is providing the leadership, discipleship programs and pastoral care for the Arabic ministry.


  1. To help ease the human toll of the migrant crisis, both financially and personally.
  2. To help create a self-sustaining not-for profit sector, we recognize monthly support is a life blood of many organizations and we strive to help them change the world, one conversation at a time.
  3. We would like to establish a Christian-inspired Refugee Program for the current Refugee Crisis and for other refugees that come in the future
  4. Opportunity for LINC ministry to provide support and lead many to Christ and into the Kingdom of God



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