The Ark Vision is to reach out to the people who have been enduring the effects of the war and persecution in the Middle East and to have them sheltered here in Canada to experience a new life in a safe community.

We felt that God has placed a call on us to serve him through the families who have had no hope abroad to come to Canada and experience the real fullness of life that God had intended for them. We are looking to sponsor more and more families; to have them settled into their new homes, and to give them access to various opportunities that will guide them along the way.  In LInC Ministry, many members of our staff and volunteers originate from Arabic backgrounds and we found that communicating and understanding their ways of life is an asset that we carry and so we want to use this asset to the best of its ability.  We hope to love, nourish, strengthen, and guide them to the road of a full and hopeful life.


The Ministry for refugees originally sprung from the inspiration to serve victims of the Middle Eastern war.  We work among newcomers from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, and more. In the spring of 2014, the Holy Spirit had planted a seed in us to pray for and sponsor one Syrian refugee family before the crisis had received international attention. We value the power of unity and we found that it became urgent for us to proceed with the process; seeing that there were many families abroad who were in need. Rev. Wahby, founder and director of Life in Christ Ministry took the idea to the missions Committee at the Presbytery of Pickering to pray and assist with fundraising. More than 25 churches within the presbytery along with LInC Ministry in Toronto stretched their hands to support the cause.

By the Thanksgiving of 2014, funds were raised to sponsor 5 families by the grace of God. To date, four families have arrived. Before these families arrived, we had rented out suitable furnished apartments and had provided these families with a few basic necessities through the donations we had received. We met the families at the Toronto Pearson Airport and drove them to their new homes. During their first few days in Canada, we had taken them to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan office and had them registered with a family doctor. At that point, we also had shown them methods and ways of transportation and assisted them in the admissions process to enter into school.

Our services

  • Translation Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Socializing and visitations
  • A phone line specifically to answer their questions
  • Drivers Education
  • Resume building assistance
  • Provide a hot meal for newcomers once a week

The volunteer work was essential and this ministry was made possible because of the work of the volunteers from LInC Ministry. The ministry has a Refugee Committee to plan for the arrival and settlement of each family and has created an organization in efforts to sponsor more refugees in the future.

Our staff continues to work day and night to help and support those who have settled here in Canada. Together we can reach those who have suffered to find hope in a new life.

Climb Aboard!

How can you help?

Hope you make a decision to join us in this adventure and to support LInC Ministry if so; you can easily send a cheque to our address,  write “The Ark” in the memo or you can easily fill the visa form which inserted with the return envelope for your monthly donation.

Together we can help pave the way to a better life!

Tel: 905-604-LINC(5462)


LInC Cultural Training

LInC Cultural training is a guide to know and understand the values, traditions, and culture of Middle Eastern ways. This program is to establish better communication and to build a support system for our new families during their first few days in Canada.