Welcome to Life In Christ LInC Ministries in Canada. We are a family, passionate about linking unchurched people with Christ and helping them in the journey of finding the fullness of life in Him.

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Date: November 28, 2020
Time: 7-8 pm (Toronto time)

It is The Harvest Season at LIFE IN CHRIST LINC MINISTRY

Pastor Ibrahim Wahby and LInC team invite you to attend our fundraising event called “The Harvest” to celebrate and to share the good news we have seen during this year. You will hear different encouraging testimonies and you will listen to different experiences that have taken place at LInC Ministry lately.

We would like to worship the Lord together and celebrate with you the goodness of the Lord, Let us come together to send a message of hope in the mid of a tumbling world, reflecting on how God still in act through unexpected ways to bring the news of the Gospel to many people inside and outside of Canada.

This event is not like any other as you will enjoy having a time of worship and hear testimonies from our missionaries and youth. There will also be fun and interactive activities to enjoy together.

Your presence will bring a great joy to all of us.

Place: ZOOM app.

Tickets will be sold for $25/device. All donations are tax deductible.

To purchase a ticket online, click on ‘Get Tickets’ button below.

Or you can call us to book your ticket on the number: 905-604-5462 Or WhatsApp: (647) 503-9111

Or email: ark@lincministry.com

Meet Our Leader

Pastor Ibrahim Wahby

Preacher and teacher of the Word of God with a calling to lead people to Christ. Passionate about planting churches, reaching the lost and making disciples of all nations.

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Life In Christ - LINC Ministry - خدمة الحياة في المسيح
Life In Christ - LINC Ministry - خدمة الحياة في المسيح‎Life In Christ - LINC Ministry - خدمة الحياة في المسيح‎ plans to go live.2 weeks ago
Pastor Ibrahim Wahby joins with pastor Joe Gray in a discussion on how to live under the shadow of the Holy Spirit. The topic of #Seventh_Episode is titled:
#Oil_as_a_symbole_of_the_Holy_Spirit #Holy_Spirit
Stay tuned on Wednesday, November 18th @8 PM EST.
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