Welcome to Life In Christ LInC Ministries in Canada. We are a family, passionate about linking unchurched people with Christ and helping them in the journey of finding the fullness of life in Him.

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Pastor Ibrahim Wahby

Preacher and teacher of the Word of God with a calling to lead people to Christ. Passionate about planting churches, reaching the lost and making disciples of all nations.

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Passing Over To A New Season

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Rev. Ibrahim Wahby

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The Revival is here..It is inside You

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Light on the Village of Death

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Life In Christ - LINC Ministry - خدمة الحياة في المسيح
Life In Christ - LINC Ministry - خدمة الحياة في المسيح‎Life In Christ - LINC Ministry - خدمة الحياة في المسيح‎ plans to go live.2 months ago
Pastor Ibrahim Wahby joins with pastor Joe Gray in a discussion on how to live under the shadow of the Holy Spirit. The topic of #Seventh_Episode is titled:
#Oil_as_a_symbole_of_the_Holy_Spirit #Holy_Spirit
Stay tuned on Wednesday, November 18th @8 PM EST.
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