Our Mission

To link unchurched people to Christ and to help and support them in the process to find the fullness in the experience of having a life in Christ.

What We Do

  • Awaken the believers to become Christ’s witnesses
  • Apologetics training and coaching
  • Church planting
  • Providing aid to refugees & resources to the churches involved in the refugee ministry.

Our story

In 2012, Life in Christ -LInC Ministries was formed by Rev. Ibrahim Wahby out of a burning need to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples of Arabic speaking families. Under his leadership, LInC now exists to minister to people from Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages, with services in their own languages. 

LInC works to build and carry out its ministry through well established English speaking churches in Canada, helping the church to cross the cultural gap separating these ethnic groups. 

Additionally, LInC’s goal is to encourage these Arabic and Middle Eastern speaking immigrants, to be welcomed and integrated into the life of the Church, encouraging participation so they can become more fully engaged in the worship and ministry of the English speaking congregations of the Church in Canada. The goal is to have the second generation fully established in the life and ministry of the church in which their parents began to worship.

This is a goal that has been coming to fruition as LInC began the worship meetings in three houses and in just a few months, the number of attendants started to grow exponentially, leading to the meetings having to be moved to different locations. Currently, the three locations are in Grace PC in Port Union, Scarborough, and in KSPC in Cambridge.

The vision of the Refugee Ministry (The Ark)

LInC Ministries is the outreach arm for the presbytery Pickering and beyond, among the Middle Eastern communities and refugees. This gave birth to a special ministry under LInC called “The Ark”, designed to reach out and help refugees. Thus, the Ark exists to reach out to the people who have been enduring the effects of the war and persecution in the Middle East and to have them sheltered here in Canada to experience a new life in a safe community.

We felt that God has placed a call on us to serve Him through the families who have had no hope abroad and to bring them that hope by giving them the chance to come to Canada and experience the real fullness of life that God had intended for them. 

What makes The Ark program special is that our vision is holistic and supports the immigrants at every step of their journey. We are not just sponsoring more and more families, but we have them settled into their new homes, and give them access to various opportunities that will guide them along the way.

In 2016, LInC established a Christan- inspired educational program under The Ark called “The New Beginnings Program” TNBP that is now reaching thousands of Canadians. This provides education, counseling and other support services for new Canadians. Helping the immigrants to integrate into their new life in Canada, LInC ministries designed different cross-cultural programs to support refugees in different communities in different provinces. The program includes language instruction, job search, activities, translation services, and information programs on Canadian culture and life for their integration with mainstream Canadian society.

Pastor Ibrahim Wahby

– The founder and Director of Life in Christ LINC Ministries;

A preacher and teacher of the Bible, Pastor Ibrahim Wahby has served the Lord for many years. Through seminars and conferences internationally, including Canada, the United States of America, the UK, Egypt, Iraq and other countries in the ME; he continues to share the Word of God as was commanded by Him. 

Pastor Wahby continues his weekly TV program on ABNSat and Alkarma TV. focusing on discipleship and growth in the spiritual life and also provides courses on how to introduce the gospel for the lost. 

In early 2020, he was further convicted in his heart to start and host a weekly English Program called “Under The Shadow of the Holy Spirit” that seems to explain the wonders and works of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

In addition, he provides pastoral counseling for new Canadians and their families; providing Christian discipleship programs for new beginners and believers and also working towards developing the second generation and integrating them with the English-speaking churches along with his ministry. 

He continues to lead and execute LInC’s mission, which is to provide leadership, discipleship programs and pastoral care for the Arabic ministry.