Light on the Village of Death

The epidemic shadow covers the earth these days, When scientists studied how it started; it was found it has been passed from the case zero and spread to afflict millions of all humanity. now that they still working hard to find a vaccine to save humanity so that they do not die … and the history of humanity on the earth tells how the first person was infected with a more deadly epidemic which called sin .. one of the high contagious diseases for all … it is a global epidemic that affects people and its symptoms are Vanity and pride .. hatred and vengeance .. selfishness and greed .. selfishness and corruptive acts. Man suffers this disease and transmits it to their next generations and it is a disease that blocks the mind from the truth and paralyzes feelings and leaving the patient with no love … and spoils the immunity of relationships .. and it is spreading in all ages; A disease ties and restricts the infected person to live in an isolated village from which no one leaves. It is called a village death. It is a dark village that does not allow the light to shin on its streets, but those who live in the village of death are prisoners of darkness … tortured and have no hope..captives of Hades and they wait for the end of their lives by death as the wages of their sin … The only hope of healing happen if the light shines upon them to destroy the forces of darkness and melt the chains of death; the light gives them life … It illuminates their minds and revives their feelings ..

Humans tried to treat their sinful affliction with all their deeds, but they could not … A medication needed; A medication comes from above .. and for a Savior to come in a way that is outside their nature … .. as Matthew in the gospel says“the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death,on them a light has dawned.”..

In the fullness of time Christ came in their likeness and dwelt on a body like them so that He could enter their battle and feel their pain … Although he could not be infected with the disease of sin..but He decided to wrestle with this epidemic, so he carried in his body this epidemic and entered into a battle with their enemy … to destroy the damn authority of this disease … He carried it in his body and wrestled and besieged it on the cross, Finally the epidemic of sin was confined and with all its forces were compelled to flee … Now Christ chased sin and tied it in Hades. Christ had shut the mouth of Hades .. He defeated the epidemic of sin, so he removed his deadly stinger … After Jesus conquered death He came out from the village of death and He arose from among the dead…and for the very first time Jesus Christ announced the news of hope that He have found for humanity the serum of life and He will freely give it to anyone and to everyone who comes to Him willing to have it … He gives them a recovery medication from sin and for Free … in addition He gives them an eternal immunity through his blood, which carries an everlasting healing. And it gives them an exodus from the Village of Death to the City of LIFE … This is what the Lord Jesus made when He came to our earth and when He was crucified and rose again and declared life .. This is why we celebrate the resurrection day. We shout truly “He is risen He is risen indeeds. ” 

Rev. Ibrahim Wahby