Rev. Ibrahim Wahby

Words From Our Founder & President

You may have noticed that the Holy Spirit is beginning a movement in the church today. There has been a release of healing and miracles in everything the Lord puts his hand to. God has introduced something new to us. We are happy to announce that a new location has been added to our LInC family in MONTREAL

Some time ago we had begun interceding for the purpose that God would awaken the Church in Canada. Through this journey, we felt that we needed to do a mission out in Laval, Quebec. So we sent out a staff member to pave the way. During his mission last July, he visited three families and shared the gospel with them. Since then, we have seen healing and miracles continuously. Most of those who attend from Morocco ; Lebanon ; Syria and Egypt. We thank God that in September, we held our first conference

Rev. Ibrahim Wahby

The Founder and Director of LInC Ministry